What Taurus Man Wants in a Woman? How to Get a Taurus Man Back

What Taurus Man Wants in a Woman? How to Get a Taurus Man Back

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If you’ve been wondering just How to Get a Taurus Man Back, let this be your guide on What Taurus Man Wants in a Woman.

Zodiac Sign Taurus

Well, Taurus is represented by a bull—hence ‘Toro’ being Spanish for bulls. That’s also why you’ll hear people shouting ‘Toro!’ in clips of bullfights from old films and the like. One of the more famous Taurus types (if not an actual Taurus in terms of his birthday) was legendary writer and bullfighting aficionado Ernest Hemingway.

Taurus Men

What Taurus Man Wants in a Woman? How to Get a Taurus Man BackSee, Taurus men are all about physicality and an earthier, hands-on approach to life, hence the appropriateness of the association with a bull. They can also be pretty stubborn and hard to grapple with once riled—again, rather like a bull.

Hemingway memorably featured scenes of bullfighting in his 1926 masterpiece The Sun Also Rises, and wrote about it again later in his career in Death in the Afternoon. Indeed, while the man himself was far more complex, the Hemingway Stereotype, in his life and in his works, is a great example of the Taurus man.

So, with our test case established, How to Get a Taurus Man Back?

Taurus Horoscope Personality

For starters, that aforementioned stubbornness is going to prove one of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to winning him back. Once he’s set his mind to something, you’re going to have heck of a time trying to persuade him differently.

Another obstacle? His raw masculinity. Granted, some women might find that appealing (it takes all types to make a world, after all) so if that’s your bag, then by all means go for it.

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How to Know a Taurus Man Loves You

Just know that with that uber-masculine man comes the possibility of his trampling on more feminine wiles. Ask a Hemingway Stereotype or a Taurus man to get in touch with their sensitive side, and at best they’ll laugh it off and at worst will take that as an insult their oh-so-precious masculinity.

How to Love a Taurus Man

Here, the bullfighting analogy can prove invaluable. Try to out-muscle a bull and you’ll quickly find yourself in a world of hurt. Instead, you’ll want to play the role of a toreador and lead your bullish figure this way and that via non-physical means.

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