What Signs are Compatible with Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

What Signs are Compatible with Scorpio? Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

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Consumed with passion and a thirst for life, Scorpios love to embrace the darker side of them. Scorpio Zodiac, the eighth sign in the Zodiac, is connected to the house of renewal and intensive change. Scorpio is the most intense of all the signs.

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign

What Signs are Compatible with Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

  • Scorpio Dates: October 23 – November 21
  • Scorpio Motto: I Desire
  • Scorpio Ruler: Pluto
  • Scorpio Element: Water

Scorpio Personality

Very serious in everything they do, Scorpios simply do not understand the light-hearted outlook on life that some of the other signs take on.

Deeply emotional, Scorpios shy away from anything that could cause emotional pain or turmoil. Everything is felt so intensely and deeply that it reaches them to their core.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are strong willed and very emotional. She can be possessive and controlling to the point of driving her partner way. This extreme jealousy comes from the extreme fear of emotional pain and suffering that a Scorpio tries so hard to avoid.

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Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are mysterious and brooding, the kind of irresistibility that sends chills down your spine. You don’t know whether to be afraid of him or join forces with him.

All women have a little piece of them that craves a bad boy and Scorpios are as bad as they come. Unpredictable, magnetic, and sometimes disturbing, Scorpio men are actually very emotional creatures deep down. They crave the unwavering attention and affection of a woman.

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Scorpio Traits

When trying to win the affection of Scorpio Zodiac sign, it is important that you truly listen to what they have to say. Like all water signs, Scorpios can see beyond the superficial and straight through to the truth. If you are guilty of lying, you will lose any chance you ever had with a Scorpio.

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Scorpio Love Horoscope

Magnetic and extremely sexual, Scorpios can attract a partner with nothing but a glance or perhaps more appropriately, in this case, an intense stare. Do not expect to be able to figure Scorpios out; they make it a point to be elusive and mysterious.

Scorpio signs do not crave the spotlight, but the feeling of you showing them off is what they desire. Scorpios are aware of how enticingly sexy they are and they like to show it off, without a lot of direct attention on them.

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