What Signs are Compatible with Pisces? Pisces Relationship Compatibility

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The Pisces is the twelfth and last sign in the Zodiac and is related to secrets and the mystical side of life. Pisces has learned the technique to elevate itself to the next level of enlightenment, through the other signs.

Pisces Zodiac sign is a romantic person, a dreamer and make great partners. Like their fellow water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces has a way of seeing past the superficial and into your psyche.

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Pisces Zodiac Sign

What Signs are Compatible with Pisces Pisces Relationship Compatibility

  • Pisces Dates: February 21- March 20
  • Pisces Motto: I Believe
  • Pisces Ruling Planet: Neptune
  • Pisces Element: Water

Pisces Personality

Sensitive and intuitive by nature, Pisces personality traits will help others in any way they can. Known to be the most mystical of all the Zodiac signs, oftentimes Pisces are thought to be psychic or empathetic people, which is why they are so very tuned into your emotional state.

Pisces Woman

Pisces women are fascinating and can captivate a man before he can even comprehend what happened to him. She does this through her sensual nature, her earthly passion and her otherworldly fantasies.

Pisces woman leaves men mesmerized by her. Even after they have parted ways, a man will never forget his encounter with a Pisces woman.

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Pisces women tend to choose between two extremes of men. She needs to be needed, which can cause her to find herself attracted to emotionally needy men whom she can mother and care for.

The other extreme is finding men who are self-reliant, strong and can take care of her. Pisces women need support of the ones they love just as much as they need to provide nurturing support to those who have no other means of emotional support.

Pisces Man

The Pisces man is very charismatic and appeals to women on a different level than most other men. He has a deep appreciation for a woman’s inner qualities. Pisces men are extremely romantic and can, quite literally, charm the pants off of just about any woman.

Pisces sign like to live in their own world. Said to be connected somehow to the spiritual realm, Pisces men can make a woman’s dreams come true. He will set the mood, light candles, chill champagne and say all of the things she has always yearned for a man to say to her.

Unfortunately, reality does eventually set in and it is back to the real world for her. Pisces man, however, can stay in this realm of mysticism, creating and living in a world all his own.

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Pisces Traits

Pisces personality loves the theater, drama, musicals, books poetry and other things related to the arts. You can get into a conversation that will last for days with a Pisces if you choose the right topic of conversation.

You can also pique the interest of someone born under the Sun sign of Pisces by mentioning anything that has to do with the occult or reincarnation. These things fascinate Pisces and they love to discuss them.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Pisces women are incredible lovers. She can blend the intense feelings of romance and euphoric ecstasy into a sexual experience he will never forget. She loves erotic foreplay and can be thought of as a sexual goddess.

Romantic, compassionate and erotic, Pisces men, just like his female Pisces counterpart, will open your eyes to new things in the bedroom. He would keep you in there all the time if he could. This is a part of his escapism. He loves pleasure and the good things in life.

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