Rooster Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Year of the Rooster Personality Traits

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Are you a Rooster Chinese Zodiac? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Rooster Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Year of the Rooster Personality Traits

The Rooster is the 10th sign in the Chinese zodiac and includes 1921, 1933 and so on. Long ago, when our ancestors didn’t have high-tech gadgets, they relied on the Rooster to start off their day. The Rooster Chinese Zodiac is known for its punctuality and never misses anything.

Rooster Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Rooster Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Year of the Rooster Compatible SignsThose who come under the Rooster Chinese Zodiac are punctual, honest and have a lot of integrity. They are highly independent and never depend on others for anything. Apart from that, they are also warm-hearted and kind towards others.

While Rooster Chinese Zodiac are capable and witty, they can also be impatient and impassive at times. Read on to see the Rooster Chinese Zodiac Compatibility with other signs.

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Rooster and Rat Compatibility

Rooster and Rat relationship could be annoying for both the Rooster and the Rat since they both think different from one another. While the Rat gets upset with the Rooster’s constant criticisms, the Rat thinks that the Rooster Chinese Zodiac is ungrateful.

Rooster and Ox Compatibility

Rooster and Ox is a very good combination as the Ox and Rooster will understand, encourage and complement each other in every step. The Rooster Chinese Zodiac likes the Ox because of its organized life and the Ox likes the Rooster because of its conscientious nature.

Rooster and Tiger Compatibility

The Rooster and Tiger think too much about themselves and this could ruin their relationship. They will both try to dominate each other because of their strong personalities. While the Tiger thinks that the Rooster nags too much, the Rooster Chinese Zodiac dislikes the Tiger’s attitude.

Rooster and Rabbit Compatibility

The Rooster Chinese Zodiac criticizes the Rabbit constantly, instead of supporting its partner. This could upset the Rabbit who is sensitive in nature. Since Rooster and Rabbit both have totally opposite characteristics, this relationship might not be very successful.

Rooster and Dragon Compatibility

Rooster and Dragon union can be wonderful but it also has its own challenges. For instance, the Rooster Chinese Zodiac nags the Dragon unnecessarily and this can provoke the Dragon who also has its limits. For this relationship to be successful, both the partners need to put in their efforts.

Rooster and Snake Compatibility

Rooster and Snake is a perfect relationship since the Snake and Rooster share the same attributes. They are both materialistic and enjoy luxury. While the Rooster Chinese Zodiac is very good at taking care of their home, the Snake will be a fantastic provider.

Rooster and Horse Compatibility

The Rooster and Horse are like two poles that are opposite to each other. Although opposites attract, it might not be true for this relationship since they might not even be able to stand each other. The Horse is care-free and the Rooster Chinese Zodiac is very serious and this difference can create way too many fights between them.

Rooster and Sheep Compatibility

The Sheep is innocent and will try to adjust with the Rooster who tends to dominate others. Although the Sheep will try to do everything possible to save the relationship, the Rooster Chinese Zodiac might not be interested.

Rooster and Monkey Compatibility

The Monkey and Rooster are both strong personalities and this can make them clash against each other. The Rooster Chinese Zodiac tends to argue too much and this can upset the Monkey who is a little self-centered.

Rooster and Rooster Compatibility

Since both Rooster and Rooster personalities are similar, they will be attracted to each other, but that’s where the story ends. It’s very difficult for this relationship to work because both the partners will argue constantly and make life hell for each other.

Rooster and Dog Compatibility

The Rooster and Dog are both patient and self-assured. They can make wonderful partners if they try to not hurt each other. If the Rooster nags too much, the Dog can lash back viciously and this could be the end of their relationship.

Rooster and Pig Compatibility

Rooster and Pig relationship will work because the Rooster Chinese Zodiac will do its best to protect the Pig that is very naïve. The Pig loves peace and rarely gets into arguments and although the Rooster is argumentative, it will support the Pig.

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