Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Year of the Ox Compatible Signs

Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Year of the Ox Personality Traits

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Are you an Ox Chinese Zodiac? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Year of the Ox Personality Traits

Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Year of the Ox Compatible SignsIndividuals who belong to the Ox Chinese Zodiac are very loved by people. Thanks to their honest nature, they are respected by their friends and family, but is it the same for love? While they are transparent and clear, they are also very serious about what they want and in such situations, romance quickly takes a backseat.

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Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Although Chinese Zodiac Ox might be very serious about marriage, they treat romance as just a tool to achieve the outcome. The Ox usually seems very bland, but it also has a very generous and soft side that can complement other people who think the same. Read on to see the Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility with other signs.

Ox and Rat Compatibility

Ox and Rat is a very good match as both the partners are very supportive towards each other. The Ox is certainly attracted to the Rat because of its attentive nature. As the Rat makes the Ox Chinese Zodiac comfortable, this relationship will be successful.

Ox and Ox Compatibility

The Ox isn’t very outgoing, so a relationship between Ox and Ox signs of the same character can quickly become dull and boring; however, if both the partners are conscious and try to do something together regularly, it can work well.

Ox and Tiger Compatibility

While the Tiger is very outgoing, charming and moody, the Ox is very stable and peaceful. The Tiger can sometimes misconstrue this attribute as too predictable and this could mean trouble for the couple, thereby making this Ox and Tiger relationship hard to work.

Ox and Rabbit Compatibility

Ox and Rabbit match is interesting because it comprises of two people who are actually opposite to one another, but it’s this very quality that will make the relationship joyful. While the Rabbit likes to be peaceful, it will ensure that the Ox Chinese Zodiac isn’t stressed with too much work.

Ox and Dragon Compatibility

Ox and Dragon relationship will work only if both the partners learn to compromise with each other. While the Dragon loves to have friends, the Ox Chinese Zodiac is very systematic and isn’t interested in social activities. Therefore, both the partners need to understand their needs well to be happy.

Ox and Snake Compatibility

Ox and Snake is a good combination as the Snake is a little materialistic in nature, thereby making the Ox more eager to provide. While the Ox Chinese Zodiac will seek support from the Snake, the Snake will be very proud of the Ox.

Ox and Horse Compatibility

It’s a little tough for this relationship to flourish because both the individuals think and act differently. The Ox Chinese Zodiac craves for stability but the Horse is care-free and doesn’t like to adjust a lot.

Ox and Sheep Compatibility

Since the Ox Chinese Zodiac expects too much from the Sheep, the Ox and Sheep couple can face too many adversities in their lives. The Sheep lives its life as it pleases and this can be very frustrating to the Ox who likes to be organized and prepared.

Ox and Monkey Compatibility

The Ox and Monkey are opposite and contradict each other, but strangely they also complement each other well. This relationship has a high potential to be successful only if both the partners control and support each other.

Ox and Rooster Compatibility

The Ox is attracted to the Rooster because of its conscientious nature. The Rooster admires the Ox Chinese Zodiac because of the hard-work it displays and therefore, Ox and Rooster mutual admiration does the trick for the relationship to be successful.

Ox and Dog Compatibility

Although the Dog has a broad-minded nature, it can become irritated sometimes when the Ox pushes things too hard. The only way to make Ox and Dog work is to communicate well with each other so that there are no problems in the future.

Ox and Pig Compatibility

Ox and Pig match will work well because both the partners will bring the best out of each other. While the Ox will focus on its goals, the Pig will support the Ox Chinese Zodiac at every opportunity, thereby making it a good relationship.

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