Libra Zodiac Dates Libra Sign Traits

Libra Zodiac Dates – True Libra Sign Traits Revealed

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All you need to know about true Libra Sign Traits and Libra Zodiac Dates!

Libra Traits

A Libra is a natural flirt who can charm the pants off of just about anyone, especially those of the opposite sex. Represented by the scales, Libra revels in equal partnerships and gains ultimate fulfillment in life when with a partner.

Do not be surprised if your Libra in question has some bad habits. Libra personality owing to the need for luxury and superior things in life, there is a propensity to overspend, thus leaving their bank account drained.

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This is something good to know before getting mixed up with a Libra. They expect the best and will settle for nothing less, whatever the cost may be.

Libra Zodiac Dates – Libra Sign Traits

Libra Zodiac Dates Libra Sign Traits

  • Libra Dates: September 23 – October 22
  • Libra Ruler: Venus
  • Libra Element: Air
  • Libra Quality: Cardinal
  • Libra Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
  • Libra Color: Blue, Green
  • Libra Day: Friday
  • Libra Matches: Gemini, Leo
  • Libra Best Love Match : Aries

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Libra Woman Traits

Libra woman is the center of attention and her sparkly personality will bring a sense of allure to your interactions with her and this very fact makes this woman irresistible.

Libra women can be a bit lackadaisical in relationships. When the exciting part is over and she is no longer in the stage of enchanting you, she may lose interest.

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As much as a Libran wants to have a partner, sometimes the emotional burden can become too taxing and less enjoyable. Do not worry, this will blow over and she will be back at your door, ready to dazzle and enchant you again.

Libra Man Traits

Libra men are idealistic when it comes to finding the perfect partner. The catch is that he will never truly find this perfect partner. Being the most balanced of the Zodiac signs; Libra zodiac signs are also very focused on their relationships.

A Libra man usually looks for an impossible relationship that will create a balance between what he wants and what he knows he can have. Idealistic and indecisive, finding the perfect long-term relationship is an elusive dream for the Libra man.

Sex is a Libra man’s most favorite activity. He is talented and loves to please, but he wants to be told just how good he is. He can be very intimate and has an intuitive knowledge of the female anatomy, making for a very erotic experience.

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