Leo Love Horoscope 2016 Compatible Signs for Leo

Leo Love Horoscope 2017 – Compatible Signs for Leo

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Your Leo Love Horoscope 2017 is on fire! Passion and intimacy from start to finish with Compatible Signs for Leo!

Whether you’re in love or looking for a genuine connection with someone special, the Leo love horoscope is in your favour. For the single Leo men and Leo women out there, your captivating Leo characteristics will never leave you lonely.

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However, you may experience a slight low during the early spring. Fortunately, it dissipates as quickly as it arrives, and your social life will be back to normal, with potential dates eager to make you happy.

Compatible Signs for Leo

  • Leo and Gemini
  • Leo and Libra
  • Leo and Aies
  • Leo and Sagittarius

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Worst Zodiac Matches

  • Leo and Virgo
  • Leo and Scorpio
  • Leo and Aquarius

You may still feel like everything within the dating scene is still just too familiar, but as soon as April arrives, the excitement will be sparked back up and extend well into May. Some other important Leo dates to mark on your calendar are August and September, as you will be completely blown away by someone unique with a flattering and high quality of life.

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Unable to handle defeat in any area of her life, a Leo woman will bow out of any situation she does not foresee herself triumphing in.

Leo men love to be catered to and do not see it as an imposition to the one doing the catering. He expects a lot from his partner, but do not call him demanding. He does not see himself as being demanding at all.
Beneath the majestic and grandiose exterior of a Leo man lies a man who seeks validation, reassurance and praise.

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If you want it to last, you may have to tone down your proud and independent Leo personality. However if not, you will meet someone that is more of your equal later in December, and plenty of passion is sure to follow.

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