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All you need to know about Leo Horoscope Personality and Leo Horoscope Dates!

Leo Traits

You will want to keep your ego in check when you experience the affections of a Leo man or you just might begin to think that you, too, are royalty. You will not impress a Leo by being a cheap date. They demand and expect luxury in life; so when you request the company of a Leo, penny pinching will not impress them.

Leo Zodiac signs love to be showered with gifts and presents, so if the option to arrive in a stretch limo presents itself, just take it!

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Leo Horoscope Dates – Leo Horoscope Personality

Leo Horoscope Date Leo Horoscope Personality

  • Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22
  • Leo Ruler: Sun
  • Leo Element: Fire
  • Leo Quality: Fixed
  • Leo Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 10, 13, 19
  • Leo Day: Sunday
  • Leo Color: Gold, Orange, White, Red
  • Most Compatible with Leo: Aries, Libra
  • Leo Best Match: Gemini

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Leo Woman Traits

Despite the faults in the Leo woman personality, there are many positives too. She will be warm and loving to the right man, but he has got to be strong willed so that he is not dominated by her.
Leo woman  believes herself to be royalty and believes you should do the same.

It is unlikely that you will find a Leo woman without a man on her arm. She wears men like other women wear a new dress or a new pair of earrings. She has to have a companion to accessorize her marvelous persona.

Leo Man Traits

Leo men cannot stand a woman who wears too much makeup; they want their date to look elegant and classy.
Alternatively Leo women cannot stand a tightwad because they know and feel that they deserve the best.

Both of these Leo traits show the more superficial side of Leo zodiac signs. You have to be able to accept them as they are, or living with them can become a veritable hell. On the other hand, you will find that living the high life with Leo can be quite fun as long as they know they are number one in your life.

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