How to Tell if a Cancer Woman Likes You – How to Attract a Cancer Woman – Cancer Woman in Love

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If you are wondering just How to Attract a Cancer Woman, or How to Tell if a Cancer Woman Likes You, or even How to Get a Cancer Woman Back, this article will be your 101 guide on Dating a Cancer Woman in Love.

How to Tell if a Cancer Woman Likes You

There are a great many different ways to approach the complex game of dating, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to figuring out How to Tell if a Cancer Woman Likes You. The modern zodiac has been derided by modern scientists, but if we’re to be honest astrology today is less about anything approaching science anyway, but rather more just a means of trying to identify dating types so as to help people get them together.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the Cancer woman traits and how you can woo her.

Cancer Woman Traits

How to Attract a Cancer Woman How to Tell if a Cancer Woman Likes You Cancer Woman in LoveTo start with, Cancers are associated with the crab. That may sound cold and, dare we say, “fishy” to a lot of you, but rest assured that a Cancer woman may be well worth it. To see why, just linger on the image of a crab for a while longer. They may be slow, deliberate, and have hard shells, but if you can get past all that you might well find a colorful, soft, enjoyable creature underneath it all.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman

The same principle holds for Cancers—you have to take your time and coax them out of their shell, rather than being overly assertive and risk them retreating even further behind their defenses, or turning snappish and losing your catch altogether.

Cancer Woman in Love

Now, one side effect of the deliberative nature of a Cancer woman is the fact that she tends to be the kind of woman who knows what she wants in life, as well as in men. That said, a Cancer woman can have a tendency to be a bit introverted and aloof, to say the least.

For the MTV generation out there, think Daria Morgendorffer (who would probably have a thing or two to say about being included on this list, but we digress.) Daria has a world of depth to her, being intelligent, witty, true, and extremely principled, all while still having an eyebrow-cocking snarky side to her.

Dating a Cancer Woman

That said, she’s also rather indifferent, somewhat introverted, not a joiner, aloof, and that snarkiness can turn into sarcastic barbs in a hurry. She and women like her are not the types to be won with overt displays of “manliness” or “romance” or, quite frankly, overt displays at all.

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