How to Seduce an Aquarius Woman in Bed – Best Yahoo Answers

How to Seduce an Aquarius Woman in Bed – Best Yahoo Answers

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How To Love An Aquarius Woman In Bed and Go Gaga Over You…
If you are looking to master How to Attract an Aquarius Woman or How to Seduce an Aquarius Woman in Bed, you’ll find out here the very best of Yahoo Answers.

Aquarius Woman Traits

An Aquarius woman is more likely to get attracted to someone with deep, intellectual thoughts. She can seem boring, but don’t let that scare you away because she can also be passionate and giving if you’re good to her.

Aquarius Woman in Love

She will take her time and will prefer a good relationship instead of a one-night-stand. Just like an Aquarius man, an Aquarius woman also likes good conversations. Therefore, be ready to converse well if you like her. Read on to know more about an Aquarius woman in bed.

How to Seduce an Aquarius Woman

How to Seduce an Aquarius Woman in Bed – Best Yahoo AnswersAn Aquarius woman is complicated. If you don’t know her well, she can be a tough challenge for you. So, the first step is to get to know her well. She has a complex personality and will not flirt just for the heck of it.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

But, this doesn’t mean that she’s boring in bed! She can be quite a firecracker if you have the ability to turn her on. Don’t try too hard, though, because that will only push her away.

Aquarius Woman Sexuality

An Aquarius woman will have multiple facets in her personality. She’s also interested to learn new things, so you might as well go with it. She will stay away from you if she doesn’t know you well, so you have to keep trying to get close to her. It really sounds hard, but once she falls for you, you’ll find a great partner in her! She’s someone who is more interested in your inner beauty rather than anything else.

Aquarius Woman in Bed

An Aquarius woman is very creative and imaginative. She will carry the same attitude even in the bedroom, so it’s best that you try various positions to really please her.

Best Sex Positions for an Aquarius Woman

For instance, instead of trying the regular doggy style position, do it while both of you are standing. Let your woman bend and hold on to the table while you penetrate her from behind. This is not only creative but it will also make your Aquarius woman go gaga over you!

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