How to Seduce a Taurus Woman in Bed - Best Yahoo Answers

How to Seduce a Taurus Woman in Bed – Best Yahoo Answers

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If you are looking to master How to Seduce a Taurus Woman or How to Please a Taurus Woman in Bed, you’ll find out here the very best of Yahoo Answers.

About Taurus Woman in Bed

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to Taurus woman. If you’re looking for a quick hookup and expect the woman to fall for you in just a few days, it won’t happen with a Taurus woman. A Taurus woman is humble and very connected to reality, so she needs space and time while making important decisions. Sounds like a lot, huh? But don’t be worried! I assure you that it’s all worth the trouble. Read on to know more about a Taurus woman in bed.

How to Seduce a Taurus Woman

If you’re genuine and really like a Taurus woman, she will love you more than anything. But, you need to let her realize that you’re the one for her. If she wants to talk to you about your future, go ahead and let her take the lead. Additionally, when it comes to sex, be aware that she is very passionate and extremely romantic. You will have to take the extra step and be immaculate, which means that you’ll also have to groom yourself well.

Taurus Woman Sexuality

How to Seduce a Taurus Woman in Bed - Best Yahoo AnswersA Taurus woman will always pamper you, even in her bed. She has a strong libido and will prefer soft, romantic music that will inspire her to experiment in the bedroom.

However, be careful if you’re a fan of rough sex as that’s simply not her cup of tea. In fact, she likes it slow and gentle, but don’t make the mistake of assuming that she’s boring because she could also surprise you with her wild fantasies.

Best Sex Positions for Taurus Woman

As mentioned already, a Taurus woman likes it slow in the bed. She’s innocent when it comes to intimate stuff, but you can depend on her more than anyone else. If you trust your partner, the sex only gets better and many people will attest to this.

So, in order to impress a Taurus woman, go ahead with the trusted Missionary style because she will simply love it. You can spice things up a bit by wrapping your woman’s legs over your body while you get the job done.

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