How to Please a Cancer Woman in Bed – Best Yahoo Answers

How to Please a Cancer Woman in Bed – Best Yahoo Answers

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If you are looking to master How to Seduce a Cancer Woman or How to Please a Cancer Woman in Bed, you’ll find out here the very best of Yahoo Answers.

Nature of Cancer Woman in Bed

A Cancer woman is very moody, so you’re gonna have to be prepared for her mood swings if you want the relationship to go anywhere. Sometimes, you may feel that your partner is angry with you, but it could something else altogether.

All about Cancer Woman

If a Cancer woman gets close to you, she will share everything and will not hold anything back. Therefore, give her the time she needs and back off until she’s ready. Read on to know more about a Cancer woman in bed.

How to Seduce a Cancer Woman

How-to-Please-a-Cancer-Woman-in-Bed--Best-Yahoo-AnswersA Cancer woman may sometimes come across as an individual who’s cold and emotionless, but no matter what you feel, she’s actually a woman filled with passion and emotions. She just hides it because she doesn’t want to show her vulnerable side to anyone else.

Cancer Woman in Love

If you’re lucky, she will let you in on her secrets and this also includes her fantasies in bed. Don’t try any surprises because she needs to understand you before you try anything kinky.

Cancer Woman Sexuality

A Cancer woman is very cautious and will think twice before giving you a commitment. In other words, she gives her heart to someone only when she’s absolutely sure that she can trust him. Although it’s best to give her the time to get close to you, you should also be perfectly clear about your intentions.

How to Please a Cancer Woman in Bed

Do not sugarcoat things since this will piss her off more than anything else! Also, remember that she just has to be in the mood to do anything. If she isn’t, you really need to wait.

Best sex positions for a Cancer woman

A Cancer woman can certainly surprise you in bed if she’s got the hots for you. She’s unpredictable and while she may want some TLC during some nights, she could want something aggressive the next.

As always, it depends on her mood. I recommend that you let her take charge and go on top of you. To make things better, you can also introduce a blindfolds and handcuffs!

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