How to Attract a Leo Woman – Dating a Leo Woman in Love

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If you are wondering just How to Attract a Leo Woman or even what Leo Woman wants in a man, this article will be your 101 guide on Dating a Leo Woman.

Leo Woman Traits

There are few types more commonly desired than the Leo Woman, and so the question of how to attract a Leo Woman is a common one. Leos, as we’ll see, tend to be fierce, regal forces of nature, and so it’s not hard to see how they can be so alluring on both a mental and physical level. There’s definitely an aura of desirability which follows the Leo Woman, which means you’re going to have to prove yourself all the more as a person and potential romantic fit.

Leo Woman Character

On that note, it’s worth saying that while we’re using “Leo” to dente someone with the qualities generally associated with that sign, we’re not taking an astrological approach to romance. As such, consider this guide to be informed by the practical realities of dating here on Earth, and not the movements of the planets and stars.
So, how to make a Leo Woman fall in love with you?

Leo Woman In Love

How to Attract a Leo Woman – Dating a Leo Woman in LoveFor starters, a Leo Woman is, at her core, a queen. She leads, she does not follow, and if you’re going to reign with her, you’d better be sure that you can respect her as an equal—in short, misogynists need not apply.

That frankly goes with all women, in romance, in the workplace, and in life, but from a romantic perspective, that’s especially the case here, as a Leo Woman has absolutely no patience for someone who can’t treat her like the independent master of her own destiny that she is.

How to Attract a Leo Woman

As such, while equal treatment should be, oh, a basic human right by now, it’s especially important when looking to date a Leo Woman. This type is tends to be highly passionate and overt about it.

If you yourself tend to be more of an extrovert, this could be a good match, but you’ll have to make sure you don’t try and dominate, monopolize, or otherwise belittle a Leo Woman—the Queen of the Dating Jungle has no time for such sexist peasants.

Leo Woman In Bed

On the flip side, if you’re an introvert, a Leo Woman might appear intimidating and even impossible to handle at first, but just because she’s fierce in bed doesn’t mean she’s unapproachable. The key to any good relationship is communication and compatibility—find something the two of you have in common, lead off a conversation like that, be respectful, and go with the flow.

Dating a Leo Woman

Big cats tend to be very territorial. That’s certainly true of lionesses, true of Leo women, and so while—again—cheating on or juggling prospective girlfriends is always a bad idea, you can bet it’s an even worse one with this personality type.

Make no mistake—you will be found out, you will be dispatched, and if she decides it’s worth her time she WILL make sure others know about your misdeeds. On the flip side, there’s a lot of loyalty that goes on in lion prides. The Leo Woman can be extremely loyal to partner worthy of her loyalty, passion, and, indeed, her queen-like pride.

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