Gemini Horoscope 2016: Secrets Elle Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope 2017: Secrets Elle Gemini Horoscope Won’t Tell You

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With Mercury being your ruler that also happens to be taking over this year, your Gemini horoscope 2017 is bringing a whole lot of excitement. Discover what Elle Gemini horoscope won’t say!

Your horoscope 2017 reads it’ll take a bit of constant effort this year to become the rising star that is inevitable within your future. However, the more you stick to your Gemini traits, the quicker you’ll see the benefits of love, career and money that are prominent in your Gemini astrology.

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Your attention will naturally be directed towards making progress in all avenues of your life this year, but more specifically within your career, financial situation and relationships. 2017 is your year to get and to hold on to all of the things you love the most.

As a result, you won’t feel rushed to make decisions, as you’ll be stepping back and asking yourself all the right questions before proceeding.

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Now, grab your calendar because there are some specific Gemini dates to mark on your calendar. May and September are going to bring you plenty of accomplishments your way. September and October are the Gemini dates that are really going to shape your relationships, bringing plenty of karmic insights and satisfaction.

Things get a little more passionate for you in November with emotional ties and romance taking over, and December is when you will feel most powerful and effective, allowing your Gemini personality to make great things happen this year.

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Don’t feel as if you have to take that promotion if you don’t really want it, and don’t make that major career change if you feel it isn’t for you

That’s not all though, as there is so much more predicted for your Gemini astrology. Read more your Gemini horoscope 2017 to see what is in store for your love life, career and money!