Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Year of the Dragon Compatible Signs

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Year of the Dragon Compatibility

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Are you a Dragon Chinese Zodiac? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Year of the Dragon Compatibility

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Year of the Dragon Compatible SignsThe Chinese have a lot of respect for the Dragon and many people feel that they are the descendants of the mighty Dragon Chinese Zodiac that used to fly high in the sky due to its divine powers.

People who come under the Dragon Zodiac Sign have powerful personalities and they can be a source of inspiration to many people. They are usually energetic and lead their lives to the fullest.

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Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

While they can be magnanimous, ambitious and romantic, they can also be unrealistic at times. They are open-minded and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Their honest, clear nature can attract many people towards them. Read on to find out the Chinese Zodiac Dragon compatibility with other signs.

Dragon and Rat Love compatibility

Dragon and Rat is definitely one of the best matches you could ever hope for. Both the partners in the relationship will thrive because the Dragon Chinese Zodiac will be kind and admire the Rat for its resourcefulness. Since the Dragon and the Rat are courageous, this relationship will surely work.

Dragon and Ox compatibility

While the Dragon Chinese Zodiac is social and outgoing, the Ox tends to spend time alone. This difference in their trait can make it a little difficult for them to adjust with each other. The chances of Dragon and Ox relationship working are a little unlikely. Since both the partners have very strong personalities, they will have to compromise with each other constantly to make it work.

Dragon and Tiger compatibility

Dragon and Tiger can be a good relationship only if both the individuals understand that they cannot dominate each other. The Tiger can dominate the Dragon Chinese Zodiac completely, but it can still work as the Dragon can adjust a bit. Although both the individuals are brave, their dominant sides can brew trouble. Since both the partners rarely back off during arguments, thanks to their nature, they will have to adapt to each other.

Dragon and Rabbit compatibility

Dragon and Rabbit combination of the Dragon and the Rabbit can be a fulfilling relationship. Even though the Rabbit likes to spend time at home and the Dragon Chinese Zodiac is outgoing, they will still support each other. The Dragon and the Rabbit are opposite to each other, but they will still work things out because they are attracted to each other’s personalities.

Dragon and Dragon compatibility

Dragon and Dragon have similar characteristics and this makes them perfect to be in a relationship; however, this very similarity can make things difficult for them as both the dominant personalities will find it hard to adjust with each other. It could be a little difficult for this arrangement to work, but it can happen if both the partners understand their goals early in the relationship and stick to them.

Dragon and Snake Love compatibilityy

Both the Dragon and the Snake are strong personalities and this match can work only if both of them adjust to each other. If they don’t, they could get into a lot of arguments down the lane. When together, the Dragon and Snake Love compatibility can get along well, but they will have to adapt quickly to make it work.

Dragon and Horse compatibility

Dragon and Horse match has a decent chance of working out since both the Horse and Dragon are similar to each other. Since both are outgoing in nature, they like to lead adventurous lives that support their dreams.

Dragon and Sheep compatibility

In order for this relationship to work, both the partners need to have patience. While the Dragon Chinese Zodiac isn’t really bothered about domestic affairs, the Sheep is a homebody and these differences can make it a little difficult for the Dragon and Sheep couple.

Dragon and Monkey compatibility

The Dragon Chinese Zodiac loves the Monkey for its charismatic attitude and the Monkey is attracted to the Dragon’s leadership. Since both the partners are focused on their career, Dragon and Monkey match is perfect for both of them.

Dragon and Rooster compatibility

Dragon and Rooster relationship can be very fulfilling, but it will also have its challenges. The Rooster tends to be a perfectionist and can be a little insensitive and although the Dragon Chinese Zodiac isn’t very affected, it can be troublesome as he can run out of patience.

Dragon and Dog compatibility

The Dragon and the Dog are totally opposite to each other. The Dragon Chinese Zodiac loves its freedom and the Dog expects loyalty, so the Dragon and Dog couple needs to adjust to make this work.

Dragon and Pig compatibility

Dragon and Pig relationship can either fail or succeed, depending on how the partners react to each other. The Dragon Chinese Zodiac’s force can make the Pig upset, but since the Pig loves to please, it can work out.

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