Chinese Zodiac Tiger Compatibility - Year of the Tiger Compatible Signs

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Compatibility – Year of the Tiger Personality Traits

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Are you a Chinese Zodiac Tiger? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Chinese Zodiac Tiger Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Personality Traits

Chinese-Zodiac-Tiger-Compatibility-Chinese-Zodiac-Compatibility-Chinese-Astrology-Compatibility-ChartTigers are majestic and are always considered bold, charismatic, cruel, brave and forceful. People come under the Chinese Tiger zodiac can relate to these attributes.

While they can be independent and confident, they are also brutally honest and can sometimes hurt others with their honesty. Life can be unruly for them; however, they usually come out as winners on the other side.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Brilliant Chinese Astrology Compatibility Chart

Year of the Tiger Compatible Signs

If your partner belongs to the Tiger zodiac sign, you should know that he/she will be tolerant and loyal towards you. Additionally, he will be courageous and intelligent, but at the same time, he can be arrogant and short-tempered as well. Read more to know about the Chinese Zodiac Tiger Compatibility.

Tiger and Rat Compatibility

While the rat loves the family while being more inclined to go with them, the Chinese Zodiac Tiger is a bit bossy and self-indulgent. Therefore, Tiger and Rat relationship might not do well. However, if the couple gives each other a chance, it might work.

Tiger and Ox Compatibility

Here, both Tiger and Ox signs are opposite to each other. Simply put, the Ox is organized and wants things done in a specific manner, but the Chinese Zodiac Tiger that is moody and bold can take this as predictive behavior, thereby making it tough for the relationship to really work.

Tiger and Tiger Compatibility

Since both Tiger and Tiger in the relationship are similar, Chinese Zodiac Tiger will be tempted towards each other; however, this relationship can work only if both the partners treat each other equally with respect.

Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility

While the Rabbit is very sensitive, the Chinese Zodiac Tiger is daring and can’t stand people who are emotional. Therefore, in order to make Tiger and Rabbit relationship work, it will take a lot of effort from both the sides.

Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

Since the Dragon is also courageous like the Chinese Zodiac Tiger, Tiger and Dragon relationship has a higher potential of working out; however, this can only happen if you try your best. While the relationship may seem fantastic in the beginning, the charm may fade after a while making both partners unhappy with each other.

Tiger and Snake Compatibility

The Tiger is a spendthrift and isn’t very careful about money, but on the other hand, the Snake is very cautious and likes to be prepared. These differences might make it a little tough for both partners, especially because Tiger and Snake signs have different characteristics.

Tiger and Horse Compatibility

Tiger and Horse is certainly a match made in heaven. Although the Chinese Zodiac Tiger is more dominant, the Horse is happy with that and also supports the Tiger in its endeavors. Both the partners think similar and therefore, this relationship will surely work out.

Tiger and Sheep Compatibility

Although Tiger and Sheep admire and are attracted to each other, the Chinese Zodiac Tiger cannot stand the Sheep’s possessive attitude. This could lead to way too many arguments, thereby making it difficult for both the individuals to stay in the relationship.

Tiger and Monkey Compatibility

Tiger and Monkey match has a good potential of being a successful one, but it will happen only if both the partners leave their ego aside. Since the Monkey also fights for dominance, there could be a lot of fights in the long run.

Tiger and Rooster Compatibility

The Tiger and Rooster are totally opposite to each other and while this might work out for some, it could be disastrous for others. Since both the partners are stubborn, the chances of this relationship working are very less.

Tiger and Dog Compatibility

Of all the other signs, Tiger and Dog match is the best for the Tiger as both the partners complement each other very well in their relationship. The Dog understands the Chinese Zodiac Tiger and is ready to support him/her at every stage in life, thereby making it an ideal union.

Tiger and Pig Compatibility

The Tiger and Pig will get along with each other quite well and their lives will be filled with fun, laughter and enthusiasm. They will make each other happy and will also trust each other.

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