Chinese Zodiac Rat Compatibility - Year of the Rat Compatible Signs

Chinese Zodiac Rat Compatibility – Year of the Rat Compatible Signs

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Are you a Chinese Zodiac Rat? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Chinese Zodiac Rat compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Chinese Zodiac Rat Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac has 12 animals representing 12 years and each characteristic is different, which explains the possibilities of love, relationships, and marriage and lots of other things involved in our lives. Many people believe in the Chinese zodiac that can be calculated according to the birth year through the lunar calendar.

Year of the Rat Compatible Signs

Chinese Zodiac Rat Compatibility - Year of the Rat Compatible SignsAs mentioned above, the years are represented by 12 animals, but we will focus only on the rat in this article. Although the rat is used in a derogatory fashion by many people, it’s ranked number 1 in the Chinese zodiac.

The Rat’s year begins with 1912 and continues with 1924, 1936 and so on. People who come under the Chinese Zodiac Rat are alert, witty and spirited. Read on to find out how compatible the Chinese Zodiac Rat is with the other zodiac signs.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Brilliant Chinese Astrology Compatibility Chart

Rat and Rat Compatibility

When an individual with the Chinese Zodiac Rat is in a relationship with another person from the same zodiac sign, they need to be aware that they have to work towards making the relationship strong because both are headstrong. Patience is key here on a Rat and Rat relationship.

Rat and Ox Compatibility

Rat and Ox is a very good match as the Ox is hardworking and dutiful. The Chinese Zodiac Rat is very attentive and is attracted to the Ox because it has the power to keep the relationship strong. Since both partners have something to offer to the other, it works well.

Rat and Tiger Compatibility

Rat and Tiger match is not a great match, but it will work only if both the partners work hard to sort out problems whenever they arise in the relationship. While the Rat is very family oriented, the Tiger is head-strong and such a mix could be troublesome.

Rat and Rabbit Compatibility

Romantically, Rat and Rabbit match is not a good one as the characteristics of both partners are very different from one another. However, if the passive Rabbit tries to understand the romantic Chinese Zodiac Rat, things might be a little different.

Rat and Dragon Compatibility

It’s a very good thing for the Rat to be romantically involved with the Dragon because it’s a match made in heaven. Although the Dragon could take up a dominant role, the Chinese Zodiac Rat will happily oblige because it helps to strengthen the Rat and Dragon relationship.

Rat and Snake Compatibility

Rat and Snake relationship is all about compromises, but it will still be a good one because both the partners complement each other very well. The devotion shown by the Chinese Zodiac Rat will be appreciated by the Snake and both of them will be happy together.

Rat and Horse Compatibility

Rat and Horse match will work only if the Rat understands that the Horse values its freedom. Although the Horse tends to be lively and care-free, it’s the Chinese Zodiac Rat’s responsibility to understand that the Horse also values their relationship.

Rat and Sheep Compatibility

Rat and Sheep match spells trouble as the personalities of both the signs are totally opposite to each other. While the Chinese Zodiac Rat wants to save money, the Sheep wants to spend and this can brew trouble. To make amends, both the partners should learn to understand and live with each other amicably.

Rat and Monkey Compatibility

Rat and Monkey is known to be one of the most perfect combinations as both the partners work in a rhythm and use all their resources to do something fulfilling and worthwhile. The Rat will serve as a firm partner to the Monkey who is more of a wanderer.

Rat and Rooster Compatibility

When one partner starts criticizing the other in a relationship, it’s the first sign that things could go downhill. Similarly, Rat and Rooster relationship could turn sour as both the partners might not be interested to sort things out.

Rat and Dog Compatibility

Rat and Dog match has the potential to be the best match if both the partners communicate well with each other. Since the Rat and the Dog are very similar to each other, it can sometimes become dull; however, if both the partners understand their needs, it can become the best relationship match ever.

Rat Pig Compatibility

As social animals, both the Rat and Pig will be attracted to each other. The Pig trusts people easily and could get into trouble, but if the Chinese Zodiac Rat looks out for the Pig, this Rat Pig Compatibility can thrive and continue for many years.

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