rabbit and dragon compatibility Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Compatibility - Year of the Rabbit Compatible Signs

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Compatibility – Year of the Rabbit Zodiac Compatibility

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Are you a Chinese Zodiac Rabbit? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Year of the Rabbit – Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

rabbit and dragon compatibility Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Compatibility Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chinese Astrology Compatibility ChartThe Rabbit Chinese Zodiac are very sensitive and have a mysterious side to them. It’s certainly great to have a Rabbit as your partner since the Rabbit is also known to be amorous most of the times; however, this very trait could make them stray away and lose their focus in a relationship.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Brilliant Chinese Astrology Compatibility Chart

Rabbit Zodiac Compatibility

Simply put, Chinese Zodiac Rabbit can fall in love with more than one person at the same time because they can’t help it. Additionally, Chinese Zodiac Rabbit is also very well educated and are adaptable in a relationship.

Rabbit Zodiac Compatibility tend to depend on their partners to a great extent and they could also be heartbroken when they get out of a relationship. Read on to find out more about the Chinese zodiac Rabbit compatibility with other signs.

Rabbit and Rat compatibility

Rabbit and Rat relationship might not work out as much as you expect since both the partners think differently. While the Rat is passionate and romantic, the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit tends to be a bit passive and this could spell trouble.

Rabbit and Ox compatibility

Although Rabbit and Ox are opposite to each other, they will still be attracted to each other. This match certainly has a good potential if both the partners support and understand each other at all times.

Rabbit and Tiger compatibility

While the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit is very sensitive, the Tiger is very loud. This makes Rabbit and Tiger clash with each other, thereby creating animosity. The Tiger cannot stand anyone who is emotional and since the Rabbit is a little emotional, things might not work as expected.

Rabbit and Rabbit compatibility

Since both the partners are under the Rabbit zodiac sign, this match has a good potential of working. However, as both Rabbit and Rabbit could have a trait of being a little selfish, the charm could fade after a while.

Rabbit and Dragon compatibility

Although the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit and the Dragon are quite different from one another, they complement each other well. Rabbit and Dragon match can be ideal if both the partners are willing to hold on to the relationship and make it work.

Rabbit and Snake compatibility

The Snake and the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit will encourage each other. Rabbit and Snake relationship has a good chance if both the partners forget the negatives and focus only on the positives.

Rabbit and Horse compatibility

While the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit is a bit conservative, the Horse can be hasty. This could ignite some sparks in the Rabbit and Horse relationship and it will work only if both the partners work hard.

Rabbit and Sheep compatibility

Rabbit and Sheep is a match made in heaven as both the personalities tend to complement each other. While the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit protects the Sheep and relies on it, the Sheep admires the Rabbit for its virtues.

Rabbit and Monkey compatibility

Rabbit and Monkey match can work if both the partners try to be a little more understanding towards each other. While the Monkey can come across as an individual with ego, the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit might not be able to stand that attitude.

Rabbit and Rooster compatibility

The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit and the Rooster may make each other uncomfortable in a relationship. Rabbit and Rooster relationship doesn’t have a great chance of working since both the partners are totally different from one another.

Rabbit and Dog compatibility

Rabbit and Dog is a very fulfilling relationship as both the Dog and Rabbit are happy and comfortable with each other. The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit always understands the Dog’s problems, thereby making it a good match.

Rabbit and Pig compatibility

Rabbit and Pig is possibly the best relationship for both the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit and Pig because the chances of this match to work are great. Both the partners will reciprocate well and will also be able to understand everything about each other.

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