Chinese Zodiac Pig Compatibility - Year of the Pig Compatible Signs

Chinese Zodiac Pig Compatibility – Year of the Pig Personality Traits

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Are you a Chinese Zodiac Pig? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Chinese Zodiac Pig Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Year of the Pig Personality Traits

Chinese Zodiac Pig Compatibility - Year of the Pig Compatible SignsThe Pig is the 12th sign in the Chinese zodiac and the years include 1923, 1935 and so on. The Chinese Zodiac Pig isn’t considered a smart animal in the Chinese culture. Generally, a Pig is lazy, unclean and is very clumsy. There are a few negative traits, but there are quite a few positives as well.

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Chinese Zodiac Pig Compatibility

Even if the Chinese Zodiac Pig is lazy, it never tries to harm others and is very naïve. Its innocence is the biggest attribute and people who come under the Pig Chinese zodiac are considered to be generous and kind towards others. While they are honest and warm-hearted, they are also sluggish and a bit short-tempered. Read on to see the Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with other signs.

Pig and Rat compatibility

The Pig and Rat are both sociable and like to gel with people. They will support each other and there is a high potential for this relationship to work, especially if there’s a solid foundation for it. They will both be attracted to each other and will do everything they can to be with each other.

Pig and Ox compatibility

Pig and Ox union has a good chance because both the partners will try to do something positive for each other. The Ox loves a stable life and the Chinese Zodiac Pig understands the Ox. The Pig will also be generous and will also sacrifice things, thereby making the Ox less dominant.

Pig and Tiger compatibility

The Pig and Tiger will be attracted to each other quickly. They will lead a wonderful life together since they will focus more on the positives rather than the negatives. They will also be happy and satisfied with each other.

Pig and Rabbit compatibility

Pig and Rabbit is almost a perfect relationship since the Rabbit and Pig are extremely comfortable and happy with each other. The Rabbit who is sensitive will understand the Pig and the Pig will also return the favor.

Pig and Dragon compatibility

The Dragon has a strong, dominant personality and this can annoy the Pig; however, the Pig is very adaptable and will do everything to save the relationship. Pig and Dragon match can either fail or succeed, depending on how the partners react to each other.

Pig and Snake compatibility

The Snake and Chinese Zodiac Pig are totally opposite to each other and there’s a high potential for Pig and Snake match to fail miserably. The Snake who doesn’t help others without a selfish motive will not be able to understand the Pig’s kindness and this can create problems in the relationship.

Pig and Horse compatibility

The Horse is care-free and easy-going and the Chinese Zodiac Pig also enjoys being with the Horse. However, since both the partners tend to think and live in the present, Pig and Horse rarely worry about the future and this can impact their relationship when they face hardship.

Pig and Sheep compatibility

Pig and Sheep is by far the best match and there’s almost no potential for this union to fail. The Pig and Sheep are so similar to each other that they don’t even have to make any comprises to please each other. They will support each other through thick and thin and will never let go of each other.

Pig Monkey compatibility

The Pig and Monkey can get attracted to each other, but there are a few differences in their Pig Monkey compatibility. The Monkey will dominate the relationship and although the Chinese Zodiac Pig will adjust to the Monkey, the Monkey can manipulate the Chinese Zodiac Pig selfishly.

Pig and Rooster compatibility

The Rooster can be very direct and will accuse the Chinese Zodiac Pig often for its shortcomings. Although this could upset the Chinese Zodiac Pig, it will take it in its stride and will still support the Rooster, thereby making the Rooster offer protection to the Pig.

Pig and Dog compatibility

Pig and Dog match will be good as both the partners will be compatible with each other. The Chinese Zodiac Pig will love the Dog for its loyalty and the Dog in turn will adore the Chinese Zodiac Pig because of its loving nature. They will also be willing to compromise and take the relationship to the next level.

Pig and Pig compatibility

Pig and Pig relationship is nearly perfect since both the partners are very similar to each other. Since they want peace, they will love and respect each other. They will also avoid arguments and will do everything to remain loyal.

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