Chinese Zodiac Monkey Compatibility - Year of the Monkey Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Monkey Compatibility – Year of the Monkey Compatibility

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Are you a Chinese Zodiac Monkey? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Chinese Zodiac Monkey Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Year of the Monkey Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Monkey Compatibility - Year of the Monkey CompatibilityThe Monkey is the 9th sign in the Chinese zodiac and includes 1920, 1932 and so on. Now, we all know that the monkey is a witty animal. This holds true for people who come under the Chinese Zodiac Monkey as well. They are smart, innovative, enthusiastic and don’t shy away from challenges.

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Chinese Zodiac Monkey Compatibility

Since they are witty and clever, they have no problems while conversing with people and make friends easily. Additionally, they are focused and know exactly what to do with their career. Although they are born with impressive skills, they can also be short-tempered and jealous of their partners at times. Read on to see the Chinese Zodiac Monkey Compatibility with other signs.

Monkey and Rat Compatibility

Monkey and Rat is one of the best combinations in the Chinese zodiac. The Monkey and the Rat complement each other in many ways and their union will be fulfilling and satisfying to the couple in many more ways than they could have imagined.

Monkey and Ox Compatibility

The Ox and Monkey are completely different from each other; however, these differences in their personalities make them click. The Ox loves the Chinese Zodiac Monkey’s quick wit and the Monkey adores the Ox for its organized, methodical way of life.

Monkey and Tiger Compatibility

In order to make Monkey and Tiger relationship work, both the partners need to have patience. The Monkey and the Tiger are both intelligent, but they are big spenders too. The Tiger could also try to fight with the Chinese Zodiac Monkey for dominance and this could upset the Monkey, thereby creating problems in the relationship.

Monkey and Rabbit Compatibility

Monkey and Rabbit union can frustrate both the Monkey and the Rabbit to great levels. Since the Chinese Zodiac Monkey has a lot of ego, the Rabbit feels very annoyed. The Rabbit tends to brood a bit and this can put off the Monkey. Therefore, this relationship might not be very successful.

Monkey and Dragon Compatibility

Monkey and Dragon relationship is ideal for both the Dragon and the Monkey since they are very compatible with each other. The Dragon is attracted to the Chinese Zodiac Monkey’s intelligence the Monkey likes the Dragon for its leadership.

Monkey and Snake Compatibility

Since both the Monkey and Snake are manipulative and scheming, it could make this relationship very undesirable for both partners. The Chinese Zodiac Monkey can aggravate the Snake pretty quickly and this will cause trouble constantly.

Monkey and Horse Compatibility

Both the Monkey and Horse have strong personalities and this could lead to several clashes. They are both outgoing and independent. This union can work only if both the partners give it their best and adjust with each other.

Monkey and Sheep Compatibility

Monkey and Sheep relationship can cause a lot of trouble because the Sheep and Monkey don’t like each other too much. While the Chinese Zodiac Monkey can get irritated with the Sheep’s demands, the Sheep will cleverly use the Chinese Zodiac Monkey for its own needs.

Monkey and Monkey Compatibility

As both Monkey and Monkey are intelligent and outgoing, they can have a great relationship together. However, this can happen only both the partners let go of their ego and jealousy. They are both identical and can live happily, but they need to stop fighting over petty issues.

Monkey and Rooster Compatibility

It can be a little tough for this Monkey and Rooster relationship to work since both the Rooster and Monkey will clash with each other. The Chinese Zodiac Monkey thinks that the Rooster complains too much and the Rooster is annoyed with the Chinese Zodiac Monkey’s egoistic attitude.

Monkey and Dog Compatibility

The Monkey and Dog can be happy with each other as long as they understand each other. While the Dog can be cooperative, he can also get fed up of the Chinese Zodiac Monkey’s negative traits. If they are balanced, they can really make a wonderful couple together.

Monkey and Pig Compatibility

The Pig is a little innocent when it comes to trust and will trust the Chinese Zodiac Monkey blindly. This can encourage the Monkey to take advantage of the Pig, thereby making Monkey and Pig a bad combination.

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