Chinese Zodiac Horse Compatibility - Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac Horse Compatibility – Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac

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Are you a Chinese Zodiac Horse? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Chinese Zodiac Horse Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese astrology has 12 signs and the Horse is the 7th sign that includes the years 1918, 1930 and so on. The Horse symbolizes energy and enthusiasm. It is known for its integrity, will and determination to succeed even when the odds are against it.

Chinese Zodiac Horse Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Horse Compatibility - Year of the Horse Chinese ZodiacPeople who come under the Horse zodiac are independent and can handle themselves well in any situation. Others are attracted to them because they are generous and have a zest for life.

They are warm-hearted and easy going and don’t take life too seriously. This particular trait makes them the center of attraction and they have a lot of friends coming to them. However, they are spendthrifts and don’t really care about money. Read on to see the Chinese zodiac Horse Compatibility with other signs.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Brilliant Chinese Astrology Compatibility Chart

Horse and Rat Compatibility

The Horse is easy-going and very friendly with people, but the Rat on the other hand doesn’t reveal its true self to people easily. The Rat is often annoyed by the Chinese Zodiac Horse’s care-free attitude and this can make the Horse and Rat relationship difficult for both of them.

Horse and Ox Compatibility

The Ox wants attention and is very systematic, but the Chinese Zodiac Horse rarely plans things. This can irritate the Ox who wants to settle down. The Chinese Zodiac Horse loves its freedom and can get angry with the Ox and this is exactly why it can be tough for Horse and Ox to get along with each other.

Horse and Tiger Compatibility

The Horse and the Tiger have similar personalities and get along like a house on fire. The Horse is a social animal and the Tiger isn’t far behind, thereby making them a hit couple with others too.

Horse and Rabbit Compatibility

The Rabbit is a little conservative and sensitive, but the Chinese Zodiac Horse can be reckless and hasty. The Rabbit is a homebody, but the Horse always wants to go out and have fun. This difference in their character will be hard to overcome, thereby making Horse and Rabbit match less likely.

Horse and Dragon Compatibility

Both the Dragon and Horse are strong personalities and they are very much attracted to each other. The Dragon admires the Chinese Zodiac Horse for its caring nature and the Horse also adores the Dragon for its support.

Horse and Snake Compatibility

The Snake and Horse think completely different from each other and their attitude is also opposite. While the Snake is very cautious, the Chinese Zodiac Horse can be nonchalant and this can prevent a good union.

Horse and Horse Compatibility

Since both the Horse and Horse personalities are similar, they will certainly get along. They will be adventurous and will stand by each other for a long time; however, it is necessary to never get stuck to a routine since both the individuals can get tired or bored of each other.

Horse and Sheep Compatibility

The Sheep enjoys spending time at time and the Chinese Zodiac Horse is adventurous and this is the only area where they will have to put in a lot of effort. Apart from that, they enjoy similar activities and this can help strengthen Horse and Sheep bond.

Horse and Monkey Compatibility

Since the Monkey and Horse are both out-going and free-spirited, they might get attracted to each other, but this can also make them clash against each other often, thereby making this relationship unbearable at times for both of them.

Horse and Rooster Compatibility

The Horse can never be interested in domestic matters and this can irritate the Rooster who is usually left to clean the mess alone. While the Rooster tries to find faults in the Chinese Zodiac Horse, the Horse is nonchalant and this can spell trouble for both the individuals.

Horse and Dog Compatibility

Horse and Dog match has a high potential to work since both the partners respect each other. They will be able to find true happiness with each other because the Dog also admires the Chinese Zodiac Horse’s intelligence.

Horse and Pig Compatibility

With both the Pig and Horse focused on having fun, they might not pay attention to their future, and since it’s important to plan the days ahead when in a relationship, this match doesn’t stand much of a chance.

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