Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility - Year of the Dog Compatible Signs

Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility – Year of the Dog Personality Traits

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Are you a Chinese Zodiac Dog? Wondering which Chinese zodiac signs go together? Here we have a complete Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility Chart to find out which Chinese Zodiac Sign is your soulmate.

Year of the Dog Personality Traits

Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility - Year of the Dog Compatible SignsThe Dog is the 11th sign in the Chinese zodiac and is known as an auspicious animal in the Chinese culture. The Dog is a man’s best friend and understands the human more than any other animal. It is also very supportive and loyal. Similarly, people who come under the Dog zodiac are known for their loyalty more than anything.

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Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Dog are also very independent and strong. They don’t hesitate to face challenges in their lives. Since they are adaptable to people around them, they make excellent partners. However, they can also be over-sensitive and emotional in their relationships. Read on to see the Chinese zodiac Dog Compatibility with other signs.

Dog and Rat Compatibility

The Dog and Rat share similar characteristics and are therefore attracted to each other. While both are peace loving, they make an excellent couple, but they need new things in their lives or they could get bored easily.

Dog and Ox Compatibility

The Dog and Ox are attracted to each other and will do everything in their power to save their relationship when it becomes complicated. The Chinese Zodiac Dog can sometimes get upset if the Ox pushes him too hard.

Dog and Tiger Compatibility

Dog and Tiger is a perfect relationship according to the Chinese zodiac. Although the Tiger is dominant, the Chinese Zodiac Dog will be able to balance the Tiger and everything will be wonderful in their union. The Tiger adores the Chinese Zodiac Dog for its devotion and will never stray away from it.

Dog and Rabbit Compatibility

Dog and Rabbit relationship will be good for both the Dog and Rabbit since they are compatible with each other. The Rabbit will rely on the Chinese Zodiac Dog for support and the Dog will be able to balance things consistently, thereby eliminating trouble.

Dog and Dragon Compatibility

The Dragon and Dog are both strong personalities in their own ways. While the Chinese Zodiac Dog demands loyalty and support, the Dragon will focus more on its freedom. This could create a rift between the two partners.

Dog and Snake Compatibility

The Snake and Dog disapprove of each other and this could prevent a meaningful relationship. The Chinese Zodiac Dog will support the Snake but since the Snake is a little calculative, this can upset the Dog pretty quickly.

Dog and Horse Compatibility

Dog and Horse is one of the best relationships in the Chinese zodiac since the Dog and Horse are perfect for each other. The Chinese Zodiac Dog will understand the Horse’s need for freedom and the Horse will appreciate the Dog for its loyal nature.

Dog and Sheep Compatibility

The Sheep is a little too over-sensitive and although the Chinese Zodiac Dog can support the Sheep to a certain extent, it can lose its patience very soon. The Sheep constantly needs support and attention and this can irritate the Dog usually.

Dog and Monkey Compatibility

Dog and Monkey relationship can work if both the partners give it their best. The Monkey will be fine with the union only if the Chinese Zodiac Dog doesn’t try to dominate it. The Chinese Zodiac Dog will appreciate the Monkey but it might not like the Monkey’s negative traits.

Dog and Rooster Compatibility

Although the Dog and Rooster can get along well with each other if they really want to, they end up hurting each other because the Rooster can nag the Chinese Zodiac Dog to a point where it can snap back. At least one of the two must be able to back off from an argument for this relationship to succeed.

Dog and Dog Compatibility

Dog and Dog relationship will proceed successfully with two people of similar characteristics. The female will be more aggressive than the male and the couple can fight with each other if they fail to understand each other.

Dog and Pig Compatibility

The Pig and Dog may seem to be quite different from one another, but this relationship will be good regardless. While the Pig will depend on the Chinese Zodiac Dog, the Dog will also support the Pig because of the love and attention the Pig showers on the Dog.

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